Thursday, December 1, 2011

We are free indeed! Nine beagles demonstrate the way we grow in Christ.

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Disclaimer: I am not against animal testing; there are certain things that can and should be tested on animals prior to human experimentation, in my opinion. Reading the comments below the film was largely irritating, especially those comments which suggested that prisoners would be a better subject for experimentation, rather than beagles. Most researchers probably do as much as possible to minimize the suffering involved when they work with any living thing.

That being said, this film shows a group of beagles rescued from a lab. They have spent their whole life in crates, with no control over their animal lives. They have since been released and the doors on their crates are open; they are able to walk outside on the grass in the fresh air for the very first time.

You'll notice the first dog balks. In fact, he doesn't show any intention to step outside the crate at all, until he finally, tentatively, places two paws upon the grass, with his back paws still inside. Finally, one of the pups bounds out and starts exploring. They are free! 

Isn't this an accurate depiction of the spiritual life with Christ?

We are trapped in our crates of varying degrees of oppression or even horror; through the intercession of others, both here on earth and in heaven, we are granted the grace of conversion as God calls us to the light and we respond. We respond tentatively or eagerly; regardless, it is a process of realizing..."We are free!"

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. ~John 8:36, RSV

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